Why Quinzee?

For many years now, our fortunate societies have had all the energy, food, water and other resources we could dream of available all of the time. This is great. But is it sustainable?

We’re turning a corner where we are becoming more concerned about the costs our consumption is having on the environment, society and our personal and government finances.

Thankfully, technology has advanced and there is data being collected on an ongoing basis that can be used to help us make better decisions as end consumers – just us regular people who want to save money and minimize our environmental impact.

Quinzee was founded on the principle that people should have what they want, when they want it. And for us to achieve that goal as a society we need to manage our resources and money carefully.

Quinzee is helping define a 'New Normal', - one where we are all smarter about our resource and energy use while maintaining or improving our quality of life.

Simply put, using Quinzee is part of a smarter lifestyle. Being smart about our energy use is not only good for the environment but good for our wallets too!

What does Quinzee do?

Quinzee provides information that helps you understand your energy use and how to manage it. The software shows you how your energy use compares to last year and other homes near you and like you. Then Quinzee makes recommendations on how to save energy based on what you have in your home, your personal interests and your budget.

How does it work?

Electricity grids around the world are getting smart upgrades, making the management and distribution of energy more efficient. In many regions, the smart grid has meant smart meters attached to every home. These meters collect valuable information about our energy use that Quinzee uses to empower you as a homeowner or tenant.

Quinzee provides your smart meter data to you in a user-friendly way on a device you already own - whether that's your laptop, table or phone - to help you understand where you can save energy and money.

Electricity is part of our everyday lives - every one of us. Let’s start understanding what we're spending all that money on.

That's a strange name...what is a Quinzee?

A quinzee is a snow shelter made by piling up a mound of snow and hollowing it out (the other kind of snow shelter is an igloo, made by piling up blocks of snow). A quinzee will keep you warm on the coldest of nights and are usually built big enough to be comfortable, but not so big that it’s draftee or hard work to maintain. It’s a good model for a comfortable, efficient home. And it’s fun to build and sleep in a quinzee!

The Quinzee Team

Based in Toronto, Canada, the Quinzee team brings together their international experience in energy, technology and behavioural science. They use their personal and professional passions as a launching pad for inspiring change in the world around them.

Are you a Utility Company looking for a better relationship with your customer?

Quinzee will empower your customers to make better energy decisions - they'll love it! – and it can have a real impact on your business. Use the Quinzee platform to realize your conservation and demand management objectives, and also as an effective communication channel to inform your customers of changes or interruptions in service, incentive programs and special offers. Quinzee leverages the hardware you’ve already installed at your customer's homes. Contact us to learn more about how Quinzee can help you.

Does your company provide products and services to homeowners?

Quinzee gives home owners and tenants the information they need to make better decisions around their home…and maybe the right thing for them to do is get ahold of your product?? Quinzee users are conscious of their consumption and it’s impact on the environment and their wallets. If your product falls into the category of ‘energy efficiency’, our team will be happy to speak to you about helping you reach your target market.


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